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The Year of the Foundation.

In 1921 Angelo Frigerio found Frigerio Marmi in Dergano, a small borough of Milan.


The Frigerio Brothers

The guidance of the company then passed to Angelo’s two sons Mario and Renzo in 1950. After a few years Mario suddenly passed away and Renzo had to take full charge of the company. Thanks to his abilities and dedication, Frigerio Marmi became a solid company for the year to come.


Renzo’s son: Dante

In 1951 Renzo had his son Dante, which soon became a key figure for the growth and success of the company.


Dante Frigerio: the New Company

When Dante officially became the owner of the company in 1985 the company took his name, becoming Dante Frigerio. Dante is the current leader of the family business, carrying on, honoring, and respecting the Frigerio's family tradition.


Dante’s son: Davi

In 1987 Davi, the youngest son of the Frigerio's family, came into the world. Since Davi began working with his father, he’s been dedicated to creating a meaningful connection between the family’s traditions and the contemporary world.


The Marmo Design Milano project

From Dante’s passion for marble and his entrepreneurial spirit the Marmo Design Milano project began with the realization of the first Frigerio 21 products


Made: International Architecture exhibition

Marmo Design Milano made his debut at Made, international Architecture exhibition held in Milan.



In 2015 Dune, a chaise longue made with Travertino marble, was created, becoming the flagship product.


The foundation of the new company.

In 2017 Marmo Design Milano changed name becoming Frigerio21 and officially turned into a new segment of the business, under Davi’s leadership.