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Marmo e leggerezza un connubio molto particolare

13 07 2018

Tecnica e ricerca hanno aiutato la pietra naturale a liberarsi dal concetto di pesantezza e tramite forme ricercate e...

Craftmanship made in Italy

06 02 2018

CRAFTSMANSHIP MADE IN ITALY What does Made in Italy mean? The craftsman’s hands are what usually make a brand...

Italian White Gold

06 02 2018

Italian White Gold Carrara Marble is unique because of its purity and brilliance Ancient Romans, more specifically...

The Frigerio 21 philosophy, and customized products.

14 12 2017

Each Frigerio 21 piece is loaded with specific significance, both in terms of the choice of materials and the final...

Frigerio 21 thank you for visiting us..

28 11 2017

Frigerio 21 thank you for visiting us during the 2017 edition of Downtown Design Dubai. In the beautiful Arab...

A new dress for "Dune"

16 11 2017

Absolute preview at Dubai Design Week 2017, at the Downtown Design fair, Frigerio 21 presents the latest evolution of...

Frigerio 21 goes global

16 11 2017

Frigerio 21 will participate to the 2017 edition of the Dubai Downtown Design. We are pleased to inform you that...