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Luxurious complement and interior design items made in fine marble, finalized to be part of best houses, resorts and hotels all over the world. With its original works, real Made in Italy craftsmanship with green philosophy, Frigerio21 promotes the maximum respect for such an important material, making it lasting and sustainable.

Lately, in Italy, there have been moves towards a sustainable line to limit waste of such a precious material like marble is. Quarries have a limited quantity of material to extract and it is also encouraged the extraction from the inside of the mountain (not from the surface), to provide greater protection of the geographical features.

Frigerio21 aims to help this philosophy making durable artworks that express the quality of the material.

Frigerio21 transforms the marble, applying the most recent technologies with an unique style, the result of a wise mix of tradition an innovation, creating unique and refined artworks, even developed for customers' personal needs, in order to satisfy them with great quality customized products with an Italian design. 


Davi Frigerio

New business

Owner of the Frigerio21 brand, is the young and dinamic part of the company

Dante Frigerio


Over 45 years of work in the marble sector, Experience and tradition

Raffaele Restelli

Product Area

Operating arm oh the company, 25 years of experiece using the stone machinery.

Vida Frigerio


The creative mind of the company, is the desinger of the amazing table “Divina”


Tissue Vermomarmo

Creators of the membrane “Veromarmo” wich is one particular tissue made with marle powder, with wich we dress some of our Chairs.

Amanda Jane Givens

Tissue expert

Modellist at “Tracy Reese” a Manhattan, this brilliant mind collaborate and match tissue for our artworks.